ModulAir fan coil unit

Pleasant indoor climate
Room temperature plays a large role in ensuring pleasant working and living environments. The Modulair fan coil unit enables draught-free cooling, heating and ventilation in each individual room. This means that users can set the temperature and ventilation themselves.

Flexible climate system
The high external pressure build-up enables extra filtering and noise-muffling. Optimal air distribution across a room is achieved by connecting several ducts to the Modulair unit.

Broad scope
The Modulair fan coil units are extremely suitable for renovating old or constructing new buildings, for offices, meeting rooms, hotels, schools, care centres, hospitals, server rooms, shops, cinemas and museums. 

Why choose ModulAir?
  • Pleasant indoor climate
  • Very low installation height
  • Flexible climate system
  • Optimal air distribution
  • Low noise level
  • Broad scope
CE declaration


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