Energiebesparingen en comfort voor banken

In today's digitised world, banks are increasingly opting for more outward-looking branches that are more inviting to their customers. However, due to their large, open doors, such spaces are more sensitive to changing weather conditions. Biddle is a proud partner of Crédit Agricole, Société Générale, HSBC, Crédit Mutuel, CIC and many other major players in the banking sector. We support our banking customers by developing advanced climate separation solutions that combine automated climate control functions with optimal ease of operation.



At most bank branches, the reception is located just a few meters from the entrance, which can cause heat and cold from outside to have a greatly disruptive effect on the climate comfort in the room.

climate comfort

Figure 1: At each entrance, 8.5 kW of warm air leaks out and 15 kW of cold air enters. This leads to uncomfortable indoor temperatures and excessive consumption of heating energy.

  • Discomfort: Cold in winter and heat in summer disturb the attention of the staff and make the branch an unpleasant environment for searchers.
  • Excessive energy consumption for heating or cooling: air entering through the doorways can cause up to 30% loss.
  • Noise levels: Conventional air curtains are noisy and can detract from the intended atmosphere in the room.
  • Maintenance: Climate separation solutions should be user-friendly and low-maintenance, as bank branches usually do not have a technical department.
  • Design: The original design of the branch must be preserved so that it matches the desired brand appearance of the bank.






Data from November 2018
from a bank in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

Average outdoor temperature 10.6C°
Temperature desired by the sofa 21 C°
Number of hours open per month 156 hours
Number of hours door open per month 31.2 hours 20% of the time
Average ventilation 1200 m3/h
Loss through the open door 234 kWh


Prior to the study, Biddle made simulations to quantify leaks and estimate the performance of the climate separation. The air curtain was then equipped with sensors that could collect data in real time on the energy consumption, the frequency of use of the door, the currents at floor level and the indoor and outdoor temperature. On the basis of this information, the required dimensions and performance of the device could be accurately determined.



The SRair curtain ensures an optimal indoor climate without the need for manual intervention.

The automatic control takes into account both the convection and the ventilation levels for a predictive, completely independent adaptation to the environment. This reduces energy consumption and ensures high climate comfort, without any intervention from the staff. Thanks to the advanced speed control, the air curtain offers greatly reduced noise levels. With the door closed, the sound output of the device is up to 29 dB (A), making it barely audible. With the door open, it produces only 43 dB (A) under the most extreme conditions.

Innovative technologies

i-sense infrared technology: Biddle's patented i-sense infrared technology continuously scans the doorway to measure indoor and outdoor temperature and exact temperature at floor level. The air quantity and heat output can be adjusted automatically or manually if the temperature drops or rises.

Rectifier technology: Biddle's rectifier technology reduces turbulence through the fans and ensures that the air reaches the floor in a laminar current. This prevents air from flowing in or out of the building.

CHIPS technology: Chips technology automatically adjusts the blow-out temperature and airflow power to ensure a stable, comfortable climate without users having to intervene.

sensair air curtain

b-touch control panel

The touchscreen on the SR climate separation control panel combines a sleek and ergonomic design with a user-friendly, smartphone-like interface. Initialization guides you step by step through the device configuration process. Thanks to the intuitive functions, parameters can be easily adapted to your wishes. The data export function allows the performance of the device to be tracked over a certain period of time to gain insight into the comfort levels and realized energy savings.


Unobtrusive design

Energy consumption at open door

When comparing the energy consumption of the bank branch with and without the SR air separation system, energy savings of up to 29% were established. A conventional air curtain would increase energy consumption by more than 20%. Based on the number of hours that the door of the branch is open (20%), the average energy savings in the entire lobby (30 m2) are no less than 34%.

Possibilities SR

The SR devices are available as a free-hanging or as a built-in appliance and with electric or water heating, hybrid heating or both. They come in a range of sizes up to 2.50m and can be installed up to a height of 4m.

Key benefits

  • Reduction of the general energy consumption of the bank branch
  • Up to 75% more efficient than manually controlled air curtains
  • Lower noise levels
  • Optimized operation of air conditioning and heating systems
  • More comfort
  • Customizable settings
  • Fits responsible business operations, reduces carbon footprint

bank branch


Biddle is een wereldleider op het gebied van luchtdiffusietechnologie. Al 90 jaar leveren we innovatieve klimaatoplossingen op het gebied van verwarming, ventilatie, koeling en klimaatscheiding. Met onze productiefaciliteiten in Nederland en Groot-Brittannië en onze verkoopkantoren in Frankrijk, Duitsland en Canada kunnen we oplossingen op maat leveren aan klanten in heel Europa en Noord-Amerika.





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